goodtalk is a reliable and accessible online space to have transformative conversations. A space you can click into to share your concerns, unburden your worries and gain positive experiences for life.


The founding team is led by women who believe that positive mental and emotional support can turn lives around.

Having direct experience of finding good clinical help when it's needed, we are passionate about creating a tool that lets anyone access the help they need quickly, easily and at a price they can afford.

We have worked in diverse careers such as international development, health policy and corporate finance in the UK. Our combined experience of working on solutions to pressing economic and social impact issues has enabled us to build a health solution that’s accessible and works for everyone. 


Our team of clinical advisors and therapists are passionate about what they do and share goodtalk’s purpose of taking mental health online.

They use inter-disciplinary approaches in their work and have worked with leading organisations and advised CEOs. Some of them have had successful careers in other fields before training as therapists and bring a wealth of knowledge and perspective to their work.

goodtalk therapists are chosen after multi-stage selection and vetting. They are trained and experienced in the UK and accredited by key professional bodies.

Founded in 2019, goodtalk is an award winning service, supported by Accelerate Cambridge, the University of Cambridge. It is also an organisational member of BACP, the UK’s leading accrediting body for psychotherapists.

Organisational Member

Supported by
The University of Cambridge

Our therapists can help you deal with a range of issues which can cause stress, anxiety and depression, such as performance pressure at work, gender identity, bereavement and loss, and meeting your personal and professional goals.

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