These are reviews from people who used the effective and affordable online therapy by the highly qualified and experienced psychotherapists and counsellors at goodtalk.

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"My sessions with goodtalk have ended up being the part of the day that I sometimes most look forward to. With no experience of therapy, I was so awkward in my first chat and my therapist Greg gradually helped me open up. It is all without judgement so that fear went away over time. I prefer text sessions and it fits around my day easily, unnoticed by others."

Some of the “nuggets of help” remain with me until my next session. I would say, try it.

- Mother of one, Finance Professional, 39, London

“Extremely helpful chat sessions; the ability to share my anxieties and fears with an expert in the convenience of my own home has been invaluable. I feel like I have the tools to think clearly about issues that were bothering me and have moved on to make a plan on how to tackle them.”

- Investment Banking Professional, Male, 41, London

"Sometimes life goes too fast. Worse, we can lose our way and lose our sense of purpose. Thanks, then, for goodtalk which helped me to refocus."

- Senior Executive in Healthcare NGOs, 38, UK

“I found the therapy session very helpful since I could vent feelings related to my issue without any discomfort. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone dealing with stress and anxiety. ”

- Postgraduate Student, University of London, 23, Female

"I was not in a good frame of mind when I decided to access this service - but the therapist’s empathetic and patient approach towards me was very comforting. I never realised that ‘talking’ to someone is half the battle won. I feel so much better and would recommend goodtalk highly to colleagues. Managing life in this lockdown just got easier! "

- Financial Services, Male, 30, UK

“The session was non-judgemental so it was very easy to open up and share my problems. The therapist was quite encouraging and provided propositions necessary to move forward. I will definitely seek your services again whenever I need any kind of counselling support in future. ”

- Anonymous

"I have been dealing with a very specific problem relating to work-related performance. The lockdown isolation has made it worse. I didn’t want to speak to any therapist, and didn’t have the energy to try out various people until I liked someone. Goodtalk solved that problem for me. Also, I tried chat therapy for the first time and have found a great therapist who’s helping me deal with my issue in a very practical way. thank you. "

- Entrepreneur, Graduated from a Leading UK University, Female, 25