what we offer

The right therapy for you from the comfort of your own space

The Right Match for You

We will match you with a therapist who specialises in the things you want to talk about, and you can choose someone you relate to.
Research has shown that the success of therapy is significantly greater the better the match between therapist and user.


We have worked hard to create value for everyone. Our service much more affordable than other options and significantly lower in cost than seeing a therapist in person.

Get results

We know that you don’t want to wait. Our carefully chosen team are ready to talk and will help you achieve your goals.
In a study of goodtalk users, many have showed improvement after just a few sessions.

Easily accessible

Speak to your therapist anywhere, at any time — from the privacy and comfort of your space. Plus, you don’t worry about extra commutes or taking time away from work or university.

Experienced and accredited therapists

Our therapists are experienced and accredited. All goodtalk therapists undergo stringent selection and vetting.

They can help you deal with a range of issues — including stress, anxiety, depression, performance pressure, gender Identity, bereavement and loss, and meeting your personal and professional goals.


If you prefer, you can choose to be anonymous throughout your therapy. We make sure that your identity is kept safe and confidential.

goodtalk therapy is for everyone

Whatever your situation, our experts can help.

Many goodtalk users have reported feeling better in just a few sessions.

Are you facing a stressful situation or crisis?

Are you a new parent struggling to cope?

Are you a professional dealing with performance anxiety?

Are you at university faced with uncertainty and change?

Are you struggling to balance your family life working from home?